Saturday, January 30, 2010

Masturbating is a healthy habit

I often used to masturbate, to have some great pleasure when my partner is not with me. It gives immense pleasure, sometimes masturbating is better than having sexual intercourse. I get aroused slowly and the quantity of semen is considerably high. I consulted a doctor regarding a problem that I faced after few years of masturbation. Doctor told me that there is not health problem, if an individual masturbates irrespective of the time period. The problem arising depends on how the food intake is been carried out. More required nutrients and healthy food is taken in, more chances for having no problem of masturbating. So, enjoy the time with out a partner by masturbating, it really is a healthy habit. I improved my stamina after few months of masturbation. It really is not a problem to health, which we all think of. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bollywood Star Katrina kaif, a Bisexual?

The reasonable sources from London had revealed that she has been spotted with many models based in England and it seems that she wishes to spend most of her night time with them. Also there are no objections from her parents, since being a bisexual are not a real mess and sources say that bollywood heartthrob wishes to spend her time like that. As we know she has affair with Salman Khan. Journalists would be very interested to catch this news in the later days, when she gets back to India. But one thing for sure, bollywood world would be surely shocked, if this news revealed in mass. Other bisexual bollywood icon is Arjun Rampal, who is said be serious boy friend of Shahrukh Khan. Katrina has few sisters, who have preferred to stay in London rather than Mumbai most of the time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Disney Exclusives

I have been looking for a good place to purchase Disney movies in the web. I came across this Disney Movie club. All of the Disney films are available in this site with reasonable price and many offers. I purchased some three films here, condorman, Ducktales the Movie and A Mom for Christmas. These movies were of great picture quality and clear sound. You may have a go if you are a Disney fan. I usually see any film after reading its corresponding comic book. Many exclusives movies are available here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

State of play – a cool thriller of 2009

State of play was released in the year 2009, in which the film is about a conviction of murder. The film opens up with a girl being killed in the railway station in the city. The girl name is Sonia baker, who is the secretary of the congressman stephen. The mystery of the movie is who kills her and what the motive behind it is. Journalist named cal helps this congressman to find the killer and reason behind it. The film goes this way. Assistant of cal named Della helps him find the killer. One funny thing about this movie is one cannot differentiate between the cop and journalist, as both of investigate in this case and journalist does show more interest. I would say, State of play one of the cool thriller of 2009. The film climax is about who is the conspirator and the motive. But the climax is totally unbelievable. Watch it yourself, a good thriller movie.

Funny photo effects


As you know from my previous posts, I am very much interested in photographing. I love to make effects and some classic amazing pictures of photos. I came across this site pic joke, which is about providing lots and lots of amazing effects in it. One photo about fixing British football legend David Beckham photo in twilight film picture was really amazing. Many such effects are available in the site; also faster transition of images is possible. One effect about fixing ones photo in the toilet with some effects is really a funny effect. I made fun of my friends by placing their photo in it and uploading into some social networking sites. I have now become a fun photo maker. They upload effects regularly and I am a frequent visitor to this site. This can be best described as fun photo editor and more specifically amazing service provider in terms photo effects. There were also incredible numbers of picture effects available in their site. I have also posted this site link in my social networking site accounts. One can have real fun using this site. Look at the above picture, it is mine. But the sad thing is I made fun of my friend by placing her picture in the toilet.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Australia won by 5 wickets – (Aus vs. Pak – 1st ODI)

It is Australia’s day today. Both with the bat and with ball, they made a convincing effort to make or taste a victory over Pakistan. Earlier, Shane Watson picked up 4 wickets by giving away just 36 runs in his ten overs. In recent days, he is forcing is power of the game to a maximum extent. He has emerged has a top all rounder in all the format of cricket. Cameron White shined with a class century to lead Australia to a 1-0 lead in the series. Afridi was much expensive in his bowling spell, giving away 66 runs and getting just a single wicket. Asif is best for Pakistan bowling attack, his average 4.4 in his bowling economy rate. Australia made a emphatic win over Australia by a margin of 5 wickets. Clarke made his contribution by scoring a half century. Australia leads series by 1-0.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online Casino Reports

           According to me, Online Casino Reports is one of the best guides for all online gamblers, as it provides all the essential information that a beginner or a regular player requires. One can obtain many useful information from it, it also provides news magazine for the benefit of online gamblers. More videos are upload regularly, which explains the use and benefit and success rate of various online gambling games. It also helps the online players by providing some useful strategic techniques to play those gambling games. Many more information on the directory is updated regularly for the benefit of the players. In the free cash bonuses directory section, one can find topics about best casino online, many successful poker rooms, betting on sports, bingo and many more. Information on many other online gambling games like backgammon, rummy, lotteries and even strategies for mobile gaming and also the guide for the same were enlisted in the directory section.
       As we know, most of the sites for online casino and other gambling games, no better bonuses can be obtained from these services than any other online gambling sites. It is possible even without any deposits. But players have more than the expected chances of winning more amounts, when utilizing these gaming guides for online gambling. Other special thing about this is, a separate page in YouTube is listed especially for these services. In which, many videos and links are regularly posted and updated information are included. Weekly edition of news are telecasted in the gambling news video section. I think this is the place where gamblers meet to suck out all the essential information from the reports enlisted in the site. Information on betting exchanges is invoked for improving the better chances of winning, for the benefit of the online gamblers. A forum kind of look can be obtained from the view of the site. The videos been listed in their sites are of much utility for the players to learn gambling faster and understand strategies in an interactive way, which is why the main reason for online gamblers pulling site. A gambling forum is provided and much useful information is invoked in it. According to my experience, a good gambler much understand all the concepts strategies and various games and more importantly risk involved in it. As much as I have played online casino, many players are more controlled over spending their winning money, which is also a good technique. Similar ideas can easily be obtained from the reports provided in the site.

Online Casino Reports - Where Gamblers Meet

Shane Bond in Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) for IPL3

Shane bond, a classic Newzealand fast bowler has been bought by Kolkata Knight Riders. He was bought by KKR in a Tie breaker. He was extended till $750,000. Shane bond is already retired from test cricket, playing only T20 and one day International. It will be great redeeming for Kolkata Knight Riders camp, which is looking forward for a successful IPl3 season. Since they have finished in last two in bought the previous editions, dada is hoped to be back with a bang. Let’s hope Kolkata Knight Riders win this time. Another surprise is arrival for  Kaif back in IPL3, since he has been bought out by Rajastan royals in the previous edition because of his poor batting performane. But now, he will be looking forward to play along side of Preety Zinta, kings xi punjab. he was bought for $250,000. If he fails this time too, his carrier will be over.

Direct TV

I have been looking for clarity television channels for some time now. In general, I am an Hollywood lover, never miss any movies on any of the TV channels like HBO, cine max, Star Movies, AXN, starz and many more. For over one year now, I have been watching all these in ordinary cable TV provided by local TV service provider. Since the Quality and clarity in my current cable TV system is not good, I preferred to switch over to Direct Sat TV system. I obtained all the TV channels ranging from sports to films channel. All of which were in class clarity. I am very much satisfied with the care that Direct television provided my expectations.

With the various Direct TV Packages, I can now watch all the channels in high definition also uninterrupted. Other advantage that I experienced using DirectTv is that, I can watch selective channels of my favorites, as they provide many packages like


Other good thing is, one can obtain all the channels of any individuals locality, as the channels are provided based on the pin code. Cost is also limited and many offers are available. Hope you have try to this Direct TV as it satisfied my expectations really well.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Its Sachin’s century, which saves India (day2, India vs. Bangladesh 1st test)

Its once again Sachin Tendulkar’s century, which saves India from scoring a poor total against Bangladesh in the first test match on day 2. Do not forget India tops the ranking of ICC test playing nations currently and Bangladesh is lower at the bottom, this proves cricket is a game, depends solely on a given day’s performance and not on the records. Sensible Knock by Sachin Tendulkar saves India to a descent total of 243/10 on the morning of day 2. Only other player or batsman who batted well is Sehwag, a good knock of 52 of 51 balls. Day 2 ended up with India ending in 243 and Bangladesh at 59 for the loss of three wickets. Its Sachin’s 44th century, which rescued India. Day 2 was almost interrupted by bad light since morning. Let’s hope India make a victory here and stay on top spot for some more time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Harry Potter – best entertainer of the decade

US magazine entertainment weekly has recently released top 100 list of best entertainer of the past decade. In this harry potter have top the list. JK Rowlings’s harry potter have successfully beat many TV shows and films; also it had beat social networking giant Facebook. YouTube is in third spot, as it is launched only in 2005, it is considered to be the favorite of many surfers, as it provides all essential information, regular updates from users and lots more. The sopranos featured in second spot of the released top 50 list of entertainers, it is a TV series with conflicts and many real life characters is the decade’s best show. In overall many films and TV shows ruled the list of top entertainers of the previous decade. Hot ladies to feature as entertainers in the list were Beyonce, Britney Spears and Rihanna. But Harry Potter remained undisputed number one of the best entertainer of the decade.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frieda pinto in top 10 stylish women

Slumdog millionaire starrer Frieda pinto have made to the top 10 of the most stylish women in the calendar year 2009. She is currently dating with her Slumdog millionaire film mate Dev Patel. She is currently acting in woody Allen’s film. In the recent Oscars, she made a stylish appearance with cool look. As we know, Slumdog millionaire won few Oscar for various categories. She is known for wearing juicy colors. She is in the 9th spot of the top 10 stylish woman, released by the vogue’s website.  Alexa chung tops the list, who is a British model. Frieda pinto also made it to the list of best dressed woman. Others to feature in the list were Audrey tautou, sarah parker in second and third position. Frieda is currently receiving few Hollywood opportunities too.  She is a First proud Indian to feature in this year’s stylish icon.

Prince Resorts

   Prince resorts at the cherry grove pier welcome all the people who are looking for excitement, fun and luxury. It’s located with a water front look across its entire resort, which improves the look of the entire resort. If you are looking for a fabulous occasion ahead, then prince resort is the place to be in. This resort provides the user with lots of services and luxury is guaranteed. Many packages are available in reasonable costs. Golf games can also be played with fellow visitors. Myrtle Beach Resort ensures that all the people in the resort are amused in the best possible way.
   I have planned for vacation with my family which I think I would book some cool resorts in here.  Several amusement ways are available to let the visitors been enjoyed in a cool way in all of these Myrtle Beach Resorts. Many delicious food items can be availed inside the resort. Fishing can also be done. Myrtle Beach Accomodations are provided in cool atmosphere, helps the people who are looking for family reunion, weddings and other gathering. Many similar luxury availabilities can be obtained from of these Myrtle Beach Accommodations with all amusements guaranteed.

Direct Satellite TV

One of the best entertainments available to millions of household is television. It’s been ruling the people’s mind for over a few decades. Even though many have televisions at home, it gets difficult when people leave outside to any vacation or tour to get access to television. But the potential facility which is available online helps the entertainers to watch television of any required channel at any time. Direct TV services their customers by providing variety of channels with reasonable costs. They offer various packages varying from best high definition television to all local and international channels.
      All of which are available at premium costs in DirectTV digital video recorder is also available in their packages. This site lists variety of options to enable the user to get access to any of their packages available to the user pin code. Holiday special discounts were also enlisted and customer support telephone numbers are also provided in this site. Satellite Directv service can also be availed at affordable costs. Holiday package is available with free 100 dollar visa credit card. Premium movie channels can be ordered at reasonable costs. Many visitors order several of their packages in advance to utilize various offers. Various links to other television service providers were also enlisted.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

India lose tri series title

India went on to lose the tri series title. India faced a final match versus Srilanka, in which our batting performance was so poor. Only suresh raina, ravindra jadeja and harbhajan singh chipping with some good knocks, to get India to a reasonable total of 245. The opponent batting performance was good, most of their batsman scored in double digit numbers. We missed sachin in this crucial game, as he opted out of this tri nation series for rest. He is up practicing for the test series against Bangladesh. Srilanka’s bowling performance is phenomenal, picking up early wickets, maintaining good economy rate. India efficiently missed Indian front line bowler nehra, who went out after bowling 1.4 overs due to injury. In this spell, he picked up 1 wicket by giving only 2 runs. Things could have been different if nehra had bowled all his 10 overs. Good overall performance leads Srilankans to aproud title. Sangakkara named man of the series.

Power tools

Many power tools can be purchased online in various sites. But in United States power tools site is one of top sellers of various available tools for domestic and other purposes.  This site lists various tool devices for various good brands available across the world. Free shipping is available for all orders beyond $20. Power generators are also available, which are sold at reasonable price. Power drills ranging from angle drills, keyless chuck drills, angle drills and many more are available. All of which are from standard brands certified by best bureaus. Appearance of site is cool, which lists images of various tools based on their category. Grinders, staples, Nailers were also available and can be purchased in this site. Safety tool equipments like hard hats, tool pads, knee pads and many more are available. Toll free number is provided in the site to let their customers to get their service all through day to clarify their doubt. Power saws namely chop saw, cutting and circular saw of reasonable price can be purchased. Flashlights and lanterns for various purposes are included in their selling list. They assure only sales of good branded tools. Staplers are also available with various good brands.

Online ticketing

In the present day scenario, entertainment is a part of every human’s life. People want to enjoy their leisure time to make life happier. There are many ways to get entertained. There are few sites available online, which provides the surfers the whole lot of information about the schedule of entire entertainment events and tickets can also be purchased online easily. A cheap seat site is an online ticket broker, who sells tickets for many events ranging from sports, theatre, opera, plays, dance shows and lots more.
It lists variety of category based on their genre. Sports category includes football, baseball, hockey, basketball, boxing, wrestling, racing, and golf and tennis tournaments. It is ensured that the site provides safe money transaction to their ticket buyers. They have provided a customer care number, through which the buyers can clarify their doubts. Lists of various events from various cities are also enlisted. Exclusively, BRADLEY CENTER TICKETS are available at reasonable offers. But they are not licensed or affiliated to any event directly. But it looks that the site gets frequent visitors from countries, as I have checked the site performance.
RAYMOND JAMES STADIUM TICKETS for events from 23rd January to 6th February can also be purchased. Tickets can even be booked through telephone lines. Many such events were enlisted for the benefit of the people. Taylor Swift tickets for events from February to June of this year are available, for various seating from VIP row to upper level seating. It can be one of the best hot spot for entertainment lovers to schedule their leisure time in advance by purchasing tickets.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yelina Isinbayeva

Yelina Isinbayeva  Is a great Russian female athlete. She has won world female athlete of the year for three times.  She started in the year 2004 in the international arena. In the recently concluded Beijing Olympics, she created new world records. Yelina Isinbayeva also had won too many medals in the entire major world event. She exclaimed many tines that her best moment in her carrier is, in the Athens Olympics the performance of sergei bukka is her great moment till date In her carrier. Yelina Isinbayeva considers her emotions to be managed for longer period, so that she can have control over the game pattern. She is currently being a role model to many young aspiring female athletes across the globe, like Usain bolt to all the male athletes. Yelina Isinbayeva holds a honour of bring two time Olympic champion for her incredible performance in all the stages. Yelina Isinbayeva also holds many honoree world awards. 

Friday, January 8, 2010

Captain cool makes it comfortable

India took on Bangladesh on must win game in tri series, in which the other team is Srilanka, who have won both their matches. Bangladesh started really well, with good use of the first powerplay, smashing a comfortable 80 runs in 11 overs, after which lost their first wicket Iqbal for cool 60 runs of just 42 balls, he did a Sehwag for Bangladesh. They looked very comfortable in the initial stage. They ended up with 296 runs, setting target of 297 runs. Sehwag failed by losing a lazy run out, great effort by the bowler to make Sehwag out. India was crumbling at 51 for 3 wickets. Captain cool Dhoni to the rescue along with Kohli, both looked in good touch. Captain cool makes it comfortable for India by smashing a century with nine fours, with kohli made 91 had missed a century. Raina made a cool half century. India won the match with 15 balls let to go. Captain cool does it again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Online casino spotlight

Online casino is the game played online with the group of registered members, which is organized by the site organizers. Online casino is one of the cool entertainers of all the online games. There are many sites which provide these games with reviews. But it’s very important to choose one of those best, which helps us provide all required reviews, game strategies, updates that a casino lovers are looking for. Casinos are focused mainly at security purpose because quiet a huge amount of transaction is being carried out online, chances of  cheating peoples is possible are found all over the world. I found online casino spotlight site as a trustable fine site, which provides all essential information for the beginners and advanced online casino players. online gambling involves matter of trust between the online casino players and the organizers, which this site has all guarantees for it. They have rated the top 10 online casinos based on the rating in which “Rushmore casino”, “go casino”, “cherry red casino” tops the list.
         Online casino site provides all useful information on the best casinos, in which the players can yield maximum winnings. Statistics and much useful information about the online gambling for the benefit of the online casino players are provided. Once people started playing these online casino games, the chances for them to get attracted towards the game and letting them to play online casinos continuously with more focus and interest, which could let anyone become a billionaire over a night with the help of online casinos. But it is very important that the site should be trustable, which for sure makes online casino gambling  very interesting as the online casino spotlight is very much trustable. There is also a list of top winners in terms of cash amount won, which helps in boosting the confidence of the online casino players to let them win more money. Online casino spotlight also provides software to the user to let them understand the game of various online casino games better that this site provides. Overall one of the best online casino sites, if you are looking for an online casino site, then I suggest you to try online casino spotlight for best playing the game and better up to maximize the winnings and profit. Many online gamblers are utilizing the service of online casino spotlight to earn winnings. Try online casino and build your earnings.

England save a thriller

England survived a final four overs, after losing broad at 139th over in their second innings. England play with South Africa in a third matches of the test series in which already England leads the series 1-0. South Africa was 291 in their first innings and 447/7 declared in their second innings, in which a great knock of 183 by smith was the highlight in that innings. England was 273 in their first innings. South Africa set 466 as the target to win, England started really well with good knocks from strauss and cook, their batting showed no intention of winning the match but to draw safely. With 4 overs left in the final day, England lost their 9th wicket. With onions and swan on crease, 23 balls to be faced, they survived to save the match. This match was a another cool thriller in the Test match history.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Technology in Sport

 The use of technology in sport leapfrogged in the last decade, either to enhance viewing pleasure, boost performances or erase human error. Though nothing was foolproof, debate was guaranteed. Technology is introduced in Sport to tie loose ends, to find a way out of ambiguity, either in the mind of the viewers or referees. However, even technology has its limitations and thus remains a work of progress.
Apart from innovations on the TV, the hi-tech decade that was also saw sports equipment taking new shapes and sizes. In cricket sport for example, many more edges and nicks are going for boundaries with the bat becoming one big “sweet spot”. Ask the hapless bowler, who wins the mini battles only to concede boundaries! The lighter and quicker footballs have made a mockery of goalkeepers eyesight and reflexes, often swerving past the wall and the custodian in t the net. The luxilon technology in racquet string has ensured never seen before kind of rallies in tennis. More new technology in sport is being launched everyday. Now its common to see a slugfest from the baseline, with shots going over 200kmph, It makes for compelling viewing on TV , but its easy to see that the serve and volley game is dying.