Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First man to score 200 runs in ODI, Sachin Rocks!!!!!

Here comes 200 hundred at last, after so many years of world cricket. It was a great knock, best I have seen ever, ever in the history of international cricket. Remember, Sachin scored this against the top ICC team South Africa. This is his 442nd one day international and he took a deserving long time to score this fantastic knock. The previous best were 194 by Saaed Anwar and 194 not out by Coventry from Zimbawe. This knock by Sachin is simply superb. He is really a God of Cricket. Why not, all the world records under his belt and looking for further more. Its fuller reaches underneath the hammer!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Team performance lets India Win first ODI vs. SA

It was great evening for me to watch this scintillating match. Match was not evenly poised in any part of the game, which lets me feel it is real worth watching the game. At the start, India lose the national hero Sachin. Then kartick made a good forty with some classic shots and no explanation for Sehwag, Blazed as usual. Then wickets fallen down, but every single player made a reasonable contribution in terms of batting for India. Finally India ended 298 for the loss of 9 wickets. Then the visitors started well, but in the middle collapsed. But the later part, Parnell and Steyn made a fantastic contribution. But still all in vain for South Africa, India finally won a great worth watching thriller. India won by 1 run with the class team performance. India lead the series 1-0.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cute Maidens

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chevy truck accessories

Chevy is one of the commendable leaders of the present American Automotive industry. It was founded by William Durant in the early part of the year 1911. The company is been in the market for around a century, since then they have ruled the whole automotive industry to a maximum possible range and limits. Accessories of most of the brand have been available in here. All of which are of seriously fine quality and the customer satisfaction effort taken by them is phenomenal. Accessories of Acura, Aston martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Fiat and many more are available in here. All most all the automotive of an vehicle can be purchased form here, namely steering wheels, Chevy Grills, Head lights, Hid kits, tail lights, door sills, Tires, snow grips and many more. Chevy truck Accessories will represent the best way possible. Almost all the products available in here are of great quality and guaranteed to have reasonable life. Accessories of Dodge, Daewoo, Dacia, Citroen, and Cadillac were also available. License plates of varying design can be modeled and finish is perfect to enhance the look of the vehicle. If you looking for any automotive accessories for your automobile, then Chevy is the right place to be in and you will great all required accessories.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Preity Zinta weds her Kings XI partner Ness Wadia? (As Shilpa weds NRI Kundra)

From the reasonable sources that I know, it has been said that Preity Zinta had plans to marry Ness Wadia who is her partner in the franchise Kings XI Punjab. Recently she married in him a temple with sources confirming the people witnessed her wedding which took place in a temple in Amristar. She has plans to reveal in a few weeks from now or she may not even reveal it. Photos of her marrying her partner is yet to release in web, but it will soon be revealed in public. From now on, things could get difficult as the chances for her in bollywood could go down and she may be focusing only on IPL as a franchise Co-owner. As we know recently Shilpa Shetty had married to the co-owner of Rajastan Royals NRI kundra. It would be great fun watching the partners in the IPL matches, lets hope they reveal before the season 3 of IPL.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sourav Ganguly may not play IPL4

The chances of Ganguly playing IPL4 are very less. There are many factors involved in it, one in which if his performance is poor in this season he would better choose not to continue playing in the IPL seasons. After the failure of Kolkata Knight Riders in both the years, one in which finishing one before last and in the next IPL in Southafrica, they finished last. They had few problems with captaincy issues, tried some multiple captaincy in the field for various departments namely fielding, batting and bowling, which was a utter failure after been criticized of such new idea. One big relief for Ganguly is that, Shane Bond is playing in KKR. This could be a great boost of the entire team’s performance. Ganguly has to smash in all the games to give atleast a reasonable start. One more problem here is, new auctions are to be conducted in the next season, IPL4. As we know, Ganguly’s carrier ended in a poor note of a duck in his final innings, not to forget here is even Sir Broadman ended his carrier with a duck. Ganguly may not play in IPl4, also Shane Warne playing as a captain for Rajastan royals is also to retire from IPL from next year. But he would continue to be as a coach. What chances will Ganguly take, if he fails to perform in this edition of IPL, IPL4?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first interview, in defense (Army)

I first attended my first interview when I was just 20 years of age. As my parents sent me to school early, I am younger than all other class mates by one and half year or so. I was a bit nervous attending that interview. It is just a preliminary interview, in which once few who do not converse in English properly and have less patriotism be rejected. They said the questions prior to the interview, to let us prepare well. The questions were about to tell about our family, why Indian Army, inspiration to join Indian Army and special talents. I think they judge about the way we answer. I entered in, Colonel told me to take my seat. I started well with rolling my words to show that I can speak American slang well, but as I went on till fourth question, my rolling collapsed and started using my regular slang. I was very confident during the interview and at the end the interviewer colonel said I am fit enough to be an Army men. I am selected to next round, for which am eagerly waiting to attend. I will update you about the final results surely.