Saturday, April 24, 2010

The green mile (1999) – must watch movie

I watched the film “The green mile” yesterday. It was simply superb. I have been watching movies downloaded from torrents for quite a long time. You will not believe me; I have watched around 450 movies of different genres like Thriller, action, horror, comedy, adventure etc. Before I download or purchase a movie, I go to IMDB site and check the synopsis and the rating of that particular movie. If and only if the movie the as per my expectations, I start downloading the movie. Green mile is one exception to that all. It really does not have a great rating. I have seen the review of this movie in NDTV Hindu last Sunday. It was mind blowing, I just enjoyed the film. After a long time, I had the happiness of watching a great movie like “The shawshank redemption”. I would rate the movie Green mile 9 out of 10. It is really a must watch movie.


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