Monday, June 28, 2010

Looks like, invented just for me

I am a running enthusiast; I love to spend most of my free time jogging. It is very much like passion to me. The highest distance that I have run is 7km, it looks to be not that great but here is the punch, I finished it in 25 minutes. One of my friends suggested me to try out garmin, which has many useful benefits for the jog lovers. It has many interesting feature that a person like me wishes to have while jogging. It helps me better choose things in the next day jogging. Interesting gadget to purchase, I already have two.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Shahid kapoor a new perfectionist in B-town

Shahid kapoor had become a new perfectionist in Bollywood film industry. He is really improving his fitness all the time. We all seen him in the film Jab we met to the opposite of Kareena an most wonderful actress in Bollywood. In jab we met itself shahid had been using some colorful sun glasses throughout the film. Later he used not iron clothes in the film Kismet Konnection this thing made as a trend setter for the youngsters. Then he acted in Vishal Bharadwaj film Kaminay in this film had a muscular body throughout. For this movie he struggled a lot to improve his physic and the film was better blockbuster in Bollywood. Now he is going to act in Ken Ghosh’s film .in this film his role will be a foreign dancer. So the director had asked him to loss out some wait and to become lean. So after this just he took an week to loss out wait and director ken was really happy to see him lean he was looking handsome than what director expected. So we wish the team all success to shahid and the team to bring the film as good and as soon for the fans.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Right team - great combination

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PacSun. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ken Block, one of the most popular persons among the X-games has come into lime light for rally racing. Ken Block is one of the co-founders and Chief Brand Officer of DC shoes.  DC shoes was started in 1994 and it created athletic shoes for skateboarders. DC shoes became a part of action sports family when it was acquired by Quiksilver Inc. Ken Block marketed the products by signing with world class athletes to promote the brand.
Ken Block started his rallying career in 1995 with the Vermont Sportscar team and has participated in many seasons.  Ken Block officially signed with Monster World Rally Team on January 6, 2010. Pacsun has rewarded Ken Block by launching ‘Ken Block and Ford collaboration gears’ in its stores. These Ken Block Gear include
·         Ken Block Drip Tee
·         Ken Block Drip Hoodie
·         Ken Block Drip Hat
All these new gears from DC shoes features the artworks from Ken Block’s new Ford Fiesta rally car and a  43 Skull Design from Huck Gee. These fashionable gears look more sportive and similar to one which Ken wears. The attractive wears will definitely gain popularity among the racing fans and the teenagers. The Drip Tee is my favourite wear. I wish everyone should try these wears or at least leave a comment about which piece they would like to add in their collection.

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Aamir - tweeting from July ( yet another star in twitter)

His blockbuster movies are tarre Zaameene par, lagaan, gajini, 3 idiots and some more realistic films. He in fact got IIFA best actor for the film 3 idiots. He had already received many awards for his great performance in acting. He is director’s actor where is role will be full of performance oriented. Anyway he is one of the superstars of Bollywood film industry and let us hopes he retains the same without any issues. Now all his fans will be happy receiving this news and they can get the updates of Aamir by himself. Hope he continues his acting and we all wish him a better future a head.

Correct place to correct your vision

I have been wearing spectacles for over 15 years. Till date, I have not felt any of which the best one, because in almost in all the cases the selection is made by my father. This time, I have made enough revenue through blogging, so I am capable enough to buy any reasonably price product. Last we, I browsed in the web to locate a good eye glasses site, which sells many good quality eye glasses. I found many interesting designs which i wished to have one. The prices in here were also very reasonable and it suited well to my budget. i would suggest you to try out in here and get benefited to a maximum possible extent. i have planned to wear lenses from next year and i am very much sure that i ll be back in here for that too. i am looking forward to wear my new set of glasses from my next birthday.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Invest in gold coins

Gold is one of the precious metals that is used for making coins because of its intrinsic value. Gold coins are minted and sold to collectors or used as bullion coins.  Bullion coins are coins that primarily serve as a method of investing in gold. Gold is the world’s most liquid investment trading in commodity market. The market for gold will never close and are sold as bullion.
The gold bullion  coins are usually valued upon the mass and purity of gold used in making the coin. The most common method to acquire refined gold is to buy bullion  coins from well known and respected gold essayers. Gold bullion bars can also be bought from them. The gold bars are sold in range from one gram sizes for jewelry to thousand ounce gold bars. The modern world bullion coins can be bought in commodity market and can be traded. Many largest countries of the world mint gold bullion coins every year. Some of the popular bullion coins include American Buffalo, Australian Gold nugget, Austrian Gold Philharmonic, Chinese Gold Panda, Gold American Eagle, Gold Canadian Maple leaf, Gold South African Krugerrand. Click to buy gold bullion coins.
Gold has entered into the life of every person. Individual Retirement Account (IRA) nowadays has options to place physical gold in it. Gold has become an alternative to pension plans since it can be traded for higher values. Gold IRA has now become popular and it is certain that gold attracts people throughout their lifetime.

Trisha Krishnan's new avatar - steps in Bollywood

She in fact paired with all the super stars of south film industry. She is good in her acting, dance, romance, comedy, serious and she is one of the most beautiful actresses in south film industry. She hasn’t got in to any controversies or issues and one of the decent actresses ever seen in south industry. Let us hope she do the same thing and make the Bollywood fans happy and act in more films in all languages. It is not too far she will also step in Hollywood and do some more films and attract the world with her Smile and acting.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More income through affinity clicks than adsense

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Join AffinityClick and enjoy the benefits.

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At least in T20, India beat zimbabwe

But unfortunately both were out in the same over. Then team India was struggling at the score of forty four for the loss of four wickets. Then Yusuf and Kohli joined the party and scored some quick runs they both hit some good ones out of the park. They both were hurry to finish of the game .so they both managed to put runs on board with a good partnership. As we all know team India recently lost both the ODI matches against Zimbabwe. So this victory proved that Indian youngsters will surely have better future and will take Indian team to a better position.

LinkProz – professional link builders

LinkProz is a site which offers the service of building the link and thereby improves the ranking of the client’s site. I own as many as 4 sites in which I preferably use to get money through selling our products. To get in more visitors to my site, I consulted Link Proz, which helped me increase the number of inbound links to my site and number of indexed keywords used in my site. They charged me very less price than I actually thought to be, they offered the service of free SEO site analysis, free Keyword research, free consultation through phone for SEO of my site. They offered me all these free services with the link building to my site. The most promising fact about them is they promise money back guarantee if their service to the customers in not as expected. This is one of the highlighting features of LinkProz. We bought few of their products to optimize our site in the search engine. Compared to the revenue that we made after their service and before their service, the net income from the sales has increased by 300% which is a whopping sum of money. We are very much satisfied with their service.

Who is better? - vikram or Abishek – Raavanan or Raavan

 I have seen both the movies Raavanan and Raavan. It is extremely a beautiful cinematography and acting by various actors in the film. Only disappointing thing is the story line and the climax. I would say it is one of the worst creations from mani. I prefer Vikram over Abishek in the character Raavan, it is absolute muscle power that Vikram shows in his body is comparatively lot better than that of Abishek. The slang in which Vikram uses the word is much better than that of Abishek. I think I am more towards Vikram because I have many movies of him than Abishek.

Choose the coolest one

I have been looking for a cool template for my new blog for almost 2 weeks now. I did not find any as I am expecting it to be. It either looks more and duller or it looks much more complicated to use. One of my friends suggested me to try out website template, which has incredible number of cool looking templates. I have lost around $230 just because my older blog’s template is not looking good. So the offers from the advertisers have dropped considerably. So, I do not want to take any chances in choosing the new template. The template that I found in here was absolutely of my expectation and I got one cool template from here. There is incredible number of different good attractive templates to choose from. For the new sites that I will be buying next week, I will get the templates in here.

Simple and easy, very easy to build site

I own 2 sites for which I spent 20% of the total amount of the site’s amount in build the site. I consulted many webmasters online to let know how to build a website easily. I did not et any good response from any of them. I am quiet that I could not build a website on my own. One of my girl friends who is a expert in html stuffs suggested me to try website builder, which helps any individual to build a site on their own very easily. I went on and tried it; interestingly I found it very easy and comfortable to build one. I am a great expert in html and other site related stuffs before. But now, I can easily build a site in quick time. If you own any site or wishing t buy a new one, I would suggest you to try website builder site to make things happen easily.

Class acting display, great Cinematography, poor direction – Raavan

It was absolutely class acting display and a excellent shoot of film in one of the coolest destination in India, I mean the Kerala. I have always wished to be there, but had time and chance. I expected a lot in this film after consecutive flops Mani Ratnam. Yet another movie combo from Mani, Ash and Abi  in to a flop zone after the film guru. Music was simply superb from A.R Rahman, with out great music, acting and camera works, the film would have gone lot worse. I would rate the movie in overall 5 out of 10. But it can be watched one time.

Dog Found in 24hrs thanks to

We had a cute puppy which we all love the most. Last week, we lost it in the park. We were quiet disturbed on how to find our beautiful honey. One of our friends suggested us to try Pet Amber Alert. He said they are expert in finding the Lost dog in less than 24 hours. We went on and asked them to find our pretty. In less than 12 hours, our puppy was back in our house. We were very much emotional and thanked pet amber. This is one of the best places which would help people find their Lost Dogs.

Accurate reviews

Online casino is game of fun, amusement and money at the same time. The chances of winning any given game can be improved exponentially by reviewing the game before start playing and understanding the strategy, tips and tricks. I have been playing online casinos for over 2 years. To my experience, choosing the right top casino is the best way to win huge sum. I am regular visitor to one of the accurate casino review site called Online casino reviews. Only top class casinos have been listed in here. Even if you are a first time online casino player, then this is the best place to be in. one will find the best casinos which are safe, secure and provides excellent support to their players. I would rate this accurate casino review site 10 out of 10.

Words spat rules India Pakistan match – Asia cup

It was a thrilling encounter yesterday, in which the match went on till last over. A class act from Gambhir, Dhoni, Raina helped India to a conclusive victory against arch rivals Pakistan. It was a brave display from Gambhir who made consecutive scores of 80 plus in the last two matches against Bangladesh and Pakistan. There are little bit words exchange between Gambhir and Akmal and in the later stages Akthar had war of words with Bhajji. It was like a repeat of 1986 sharjah in which India player hit a six in the last over of a crucial match. India through to the finals of Asia cup will face Srilanka in the finals.

Best way to enjoy the free time

We are bunch of 6 guys who spend all our free time together. It was last week that we came to know about the interesting game online casino. We went on and played the game. We started 9am in the morning; we finished only at 12 pm midnight. It was extreme fun playing these online casinos. I am sure we will spend all our free times playing casino online, we felt this is one of the best way to have real fun and amusement.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Make your site look better

I have plans to get 3 new sites to my friends to do blogging under me. They will be paying me minimum $50 every month as I have got them the site. It is much more important that one has to choose the best template to ensure that they get good offers from the advertisers. For all the 30 old sites that I have I got good templates, but I was charged a lot. But this time for the three new sites, I will getting a cool template from a renounced online site called free wordpress themes, in here there many cool looking templates to choose from. I have selected few of the best templates and let the final decision be taken by the fellow bloggers who are going to maintain them. I would rate this site 10 out of 10, just because I found the template that I was longing to get quiet a long time. I am very happy that my site looks lot better now.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

cool packages

 We are planning to spend our vacation in one of the most preferred destinations in the world. We will be spending most of our vacation in one of the coolest place. We are guys known for planning much before we start the work. I wish to get things right on track, as we have plans to spend a week trekking in one of the thickest forest in our place. One of my friends suggested trying coupon codes San Diego, which has few of the best coupons to offer. We found many useful packages in here and the coupons deals were absolutely fantastic. It is quiet superb to get few coupons and have a real better time all through our vacation. I wish we could have the best trip overall that we had till now. It is absolutely cool and innovation idea to provide best coupons to the regular users.

do little things, can make big difference

It is time for us to enroll ourselves in Cryo-cell not just to help Haiti but also to save you and your family. 
Cryo-cell is one of the most established cord blood banks in America which helps the people when they are in utmost need. The potential uses of stem cells have become known widely due to the medical researches and the value of cord blood has increased in recent years. It could be a life saving option at an unthinkable situation when your cord blood has been preserved.
Cord blood consists of stem cells similar to those in bone marrow and these cells are hematopoietic which means they can regenerate. They are particularly useful in number of medical conditions like cancer, heart disease etc.
Let us save our family and Haiti by preserving our cord cells in Cryo-cell.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Share your expressions with FriendGiftr

The most precious thing for any one is their most loved person on this earth. Who can remain without giving gifts or greetings to their loved ones on any special occasion? Absolutely none. Greeting cards and gifts are special way to express your feelings from mind. Those precious greeting cards will always make our loved ones more lovable. FriendGiftr is one such place where you can buy personalized gift cards for your loved ones.
FriendGiftr has the largest collection of top virtual and physical retail and restaurant cards that can be purchased online. It has over 120 varieties of cards in all categories. They also provide the freedom of selecting a merchant from whom we buy the card. The receiver can also swap their cards at no extra cost without the knowledge of the buyer who sent the card. FriendGiftr provides cards in the range of $10 to $100 and the most promising factor is that they have no hidden costs.
FriendGiftr can be definitely helpful if you are in need to gift a card to your loved ones. It may your loved ones’ birthday or any anniversary function where you can gift them using FriendGiftr.
 is one of my favourite merchants.  FriendGiftr can also be accessed from their website, facebook, iphone, Blackberry and Android too. So what are you waiting for? Just share your expressions with FriendGiftr.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

beauty pinto's next project

Freida pinto is one of the sexiest actresses ever seen in Hollywood. She acted in the film Slum dog Millionaire opposite of Dev Patel. The film was massive hit on the year 2008.the film 10 Oscar’s, 7 Bafta awards and 4 gamy awards. The film was directed by Danny Boyle a famous director in Hollywood. The film is all about what is happening in the slums of Mumbai. In this film Pinto’s role name was Lathika and she performed exceptionally well in the film. A Source saying that Freida pinto is going to play a role of next bond girl in her next project.

Beautiful shape even after having a baby

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Are you a new mom? Do you find it difficult to maintain your shape after giving birth to a child? If you are a new mom, it is very difficult for you to exercise when you are always busy in looking after your baby. It is very important for you to safeguard your health and your baby’s health. This is possible when you enroll yourself in Cryo-cell’s signature U-cord service because you get an award winning Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller to work out and to enjoy your time. This will help you to get fit and remain in shape even after giving birth to a child.
The Cryo-cell’s U-cord service provides you all necessary measures to preserve your baby’s cord blood. It provides answers to all your questions like ‘How will be my baby’s future? What shall I do to keep my baby healthy throughout his/her life?’ The cord blood of your baby can be preserved and can be used in critical situations. The stem cells in cord blood are capable of regenerating and can be used in number of medical conditions like cancer, heart diseases and for treating nervous disorders. Parkinson’s disease can also be cured by stem cell repairs.

one month long one stop action

Football this is one of the most important sport which has more spectators than other sport like cricket, basket ball etc., the world cup football started on 11th June at South Africa. The football fans are expecting more from their favorite players. The players like Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Villa, and kaka will have to play to ensure to win their respective teams to win the title along with the price money. As we all know the above players were exceptionally playing for their clubs. Hope they continue the same and entertain the fans again. 

Right place to obtain great deals

I have been wondering that when will I get new house on my own. One of the houses that I own in New York was gifted to me by my dad and the other home that I have in Georgia was given to me by my nephew who is a baseball star in my place. That guy earns ten times the salary that I make every week. I have few savings amount too, that I wish to spend on purchasing new house in my locality. One of my friends suggested me to try out Murrieta Real Estate, which offers real great deals to all their customers. I am very much looking forward to get one new cool house from them. As my friend was quiet excited when he said to me about this real estate company, I am very much looking forward to buy one cool new house, which is the first one bought in all my money. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

treated well, cure fast

My dad has been suffering from sever body pains for quiet some time now; he also has many diseases which he has been taking medicines for almost 6 years now. It would be convenient to find good English medicines, but almost all that we have tried is almost in vain. We sometimes used to have good results which will not last longer and in the other case we will have a slow and steady improvement in health and that too takes quiet a long time. One of my colleagues from India has suggested me to try Escondido Acupuncture, which he feels is one of the best options that my dad would get. She also said that her mom too had similar troubles which she overcame through this centre. They are providing a good treatment at much cheaper rate than one could ever imagine. I am looking forward to see my dad cured in here.

transport easy

I have plans to shift our house from New Jersey to the coastal region of our country. It is located in the east side, so it is not quiet easy to transport my cars to such a long distance of over 730 miles. Instead, my girl friend who is living closer to my place has suggested me to try out Auto Shipping Quote. It helps the user to quote for free for certain distance and time limit. For me, I think this is the best place to choose to help me comfortably transport my autos. You will not trust me, I have around 12 cars. Out of those 12 cars, 6 are old models and the other six is new ones. My dad wishes to transport all of them at any cost. He wishes to keep his entire dad’s old car safe, as his dad’s wish is to ensure the safety of his cars for at least his lifetime. 

plan well, be secured

I am guy who is known for planning things long before. I could give you a simple example, for the last Christmas I purchased all the stuffs and Christmas goods much before the month of June. My friends and colleagues used to make fun of me. But I really do not care much and stick to my plans well. Since last week, they have stopped bullying me. You know why, they are quiet stunned by the plan that I made for one of my friend. I could explain a bit, last week my friend who is known for riding car in rash manner met with an accident in 100 feet road. According to my predictions, he met with an accident. I have already paying premiums in his name for personal injury insurance, which I felt will be very useful for him in any day. Right on that day of accident, none of his family member had cash. The insurance amount helped him.

One stop zone for good policies

No one knows what can happen next minute. That is the thrill of life that is the only thing what keeps every one going. I have always wondering what my wife and kids do if I am dead in few days. I am a guy known for thinking crazily, as I am very much considering this fact for long time. Imagine I am dead today, and then who will take care of my kids and wife. As we do not have any relatives, almost all our relatives has dead in a tragic accident which took place in India, I mean the Tsunami waves which wrapped up the coastal parts o India. I came across online life insurance quote, in which I quoted based on my budget. I went one to pay premiums for the life cover. I feel it will be much useful for my wife when I am long gone. Till now, I have not told her regarding this.

India wins comfortably against Zimbabwe

In the first T20 against Zimbabwe India won the match comfortably in fact they finished the match less than five over’s to spare. Thanks to some wonderful bowling and some sensational batting by Yusuf and Kohli under pressure. Captain Suresh Raina won the toss and elected to field first. The Zimbabwe batsmen felt cheaply and lost some quick wickets early up in order. Our Indian spinners performed well and took the wickets in crucial time. Finally Zimbabwe was bowled out for just 111 runs. Then when our Indian batsmen come in to play they too lost some early wickets and were struggling to put runs on the board then captain Raina along with Rohit took down the charge and they were scoring some quick runs

Excellent move by selectors - Tiwary replaced yuvi in Asia Cup

Tiwary looks similar like captain MS Dhoni both from the state of Jharkhand. Tiwary performed well in his domestic games, ranji trophy and recently in IPL he performed so well to get in the place of Indian cricket team. BCCI announced the team for Asia cup recently in which Tiwary also got place in the 15 member’s squad. After hearing this family members were really happy and were distributing sweets for everyone. Tiwary played for Mumbai Indians under the captaincy little master Sachin Tendulkar .He played good cricket to enter in to the Indian team.  i would say replacing a unfit player like Yuvraj is a lesson to all other players to regain their fitness or else will face the similar consequence. Selectors has proved there is no exception even to star players.

Safety god for all differently-abled

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are difficulties in transportation for the physically challenged people due to their disabilities. This can perhaps make them even weaker and lack their self confidence. To overcome their disabilities and to act independently over their transportation, NMEDA was established.
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) was formed with the aim of educating the people about mobility equipments which are very helpful for the transportation of the physically challenged persons. NMEDA strongly advices people to buy mobility products from NMEDA qualified members. The organization has more than 600 members in United States and Canada. NMEDA has also developed wheelchair lifts and installed them in many of the city buses of United States that are powerful in assisting the occupant in boarding.
NMEDA member or dealer has certain guidelines that must be followed.
The dealers sell modified transport vehicles for disabled people. They comply with safety standards of the Highway Administration. The NMEDA dealer conducts evaluation for each customer and provides a solution that best suits them. The dealers are always ready to provide assistance if the customer needs it. NMEDA also has Quality Assurance Program (QAP) to help the customers. Thanks to NMEDA for their worthful service to the disabled society.
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Finally, Murali Vijay has something to cherish

Vijay and Raina took down the charge and scored some useful runs for the team. But unfortunately Vijay was out at four runs shot of his fifty. He scored 46 runs. Then Captain Raina played and scored some good shots. He hit two huge and massive sixes out of the park. Then Raina ensured 7 wickets win over the Zimbabwe. Raina scored a massive 72 of just 47 balls. This win made India a series win against the home team. Let us hope Raina and other selected players play well in Asia cup and also in the future. Vijay has something to cherish, as it has been a bad international outing for him for the past two months. He has also lost his spot in Asia cup. This knock will let be in the selectors mind for the tours after Asia cup.

Excellent interiors to my car

 I have been planning to change the look of my car for quiet a long time now. Since I make all my business dealings with the big shots in our locality, I want to look equally rich compared to them. There are many things that I have to concentrate on. First and the fore most things are to change the old looks of my car head and tail lights. One of the other things that I wish to renovate is the seating in the car and also to change the total interior look of my car. One of my friends suggested me to tryout an online store that sells all quality car and truck accessories. In here, I found all my expected design accessories at the rate much lesser than what I expected. There are accessories of almost all the models from latest to older models. The quality of the product is absolutely fine and it is very much as expected. I have purchased few car accessories worth $740, but its actual worth in the market would be much higher. I would rate this online store 10 out of 10. I am very much sure that one will find the best possible deal in here for all the accessories.

Will Anurag bring fortunes to SRK?

After the success of “my name is khan” SRK is doing the film”RA ONE” the film is almost completed and waiting for the release.  So SRK had planned to hear some good stories from the many directors. Out of the stories Anurag Basu director of the film Kites made SRKsatisfied. So the news is that Srk and anurag basu going to team up for the next movie. Anurag is doing a film called silence casts are Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra, this film is also completed post production work is going on and the film is set to release soon. 

Savoir to all disabled persons

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

There are difficulties in transportation for the physically challenged people due to their disabilities. This can perhaps make them even weaker and lack their self confidence. To overcome their disabilities and to act independently over their transportation, NMEDA was established.
National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) was formed as an association of mobility equipment dealers in Florida which later turned out to have many dealers around the United States and Canada. The organization aims at providing support to individual members engaged in modification of quality transportation for disabled people. The organization has more than 600 members in United States and Canada.
NMEDA member or dealer has certain guidelines that must be followed. The members joining NMEDA organization are required to adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The dealers sell handicap vans and modified vehicles for disabled people. There are disabilities in persons which differ from other disabled person. So there cannot be a single solution for all disabled persons.
The NMEDA dealer conducts a personalized “in-person” evaluation for each customer and provides a solution that best suits them. The dealers are always ready to provide training or product refinements if the customer needs it. NMEDA also has Quality Assurance Program (QAP) to help the customers. Thanks to NMEDA for their worthful service to the disabled society.
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Raina leads the team to a Series win

Indian team won the first t20 match comprehensively against Zimbabwe .thanks to Yusuf for some sensational batting. The second match held on Sunday at Harare in which India again won the toss and elected to field first. Again some sensational bowling by the players both fast and spin bowlers made tuff to score runs for Zimbabwe players. But Zimbabwe’s wicket keeper come batsman scored around some useful runs. He scored 45 of just 40 balls. At the end of twenty over’s Zimbabwe set a target of 141. When Indian batsmen comes in to play again a worst start opening batsman Naman Ojha fell soon. It was Murali Vijay and raina who savoir the team and took to a comfortable victory. Let us hope India wins the Asia cup.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"Reggae Summer" MP3 album, just $3.99 - deal of the day

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I spend most of my time listening to music. It gives me immense pleasure and control over the mind in difficult times. I have grown up hearing some cool classical music like The Beatles, Crosby and other classics of 70’s and 80’s. I thoroughly enjoy listening to them. My music god is Micheal Jackson; I have never missed any of his albums. It is wonderful to hear them and I feel music is something which has always been a part of my life. My dad spends most of his time listening to Spanish music; he almost gets into it when some kind of Spanish song is played. He also likes dancing to their marvelous tunes. I either get the music package from Amazon or get from my friends. At present, one of my favorite is Reggae I just got a phone call from my friend saying that there is a real cool deal of the day in Amazon. My favorite Reggae’s "Reggae Summer" MP3 album is up for sale at just $3.99 and this deal available only for today, Saturday June 12th. My next work after writing this post is to book 4 sets of that album for myself and my relatives and friends. I am looking forward to hearing their music. I can never imagine for such cheap price, so I have to hurry and book for them before the stock gets over.

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IPL Performance helped Tiwary find his spot in Indian team

BCCI selectors recently announced the 15 member’s squad for Asia cup tournament. Saurabh tiwary a great batsman for Mumbai Indians scored some quick runs in Ipl 2010 and proved he is hungry to play for team India in international matches.after the announcement came it was a festival mood for all the cricket lovers in Bihar. Under the captaincy of little master the team was really fantastic especially Tiwary along with Rayudu finished many matches in favor of Mumbai Indians but unfortunately team lost to CSK in the finals.

Awareness campaign in 60’s, A great show

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Global warming has a great impact on lives present in the earth. The temperature of the earth has been constantly surveyed and researchers concluded that the temperature has been rising since 1700’s. The industrial revolutions and the technology developed in these centuries paved way for increase in the greenhouse gases. The concentration of CO2 has increased by 36% since 1750.There are many awareness programs conducted by scientists and researchers in association with many social welfare organizations. Though these programs are beneficial, they do not gain good response that an entertainment program gets. Stella Artois launched a campaign called as the CO2 soiree to educate the people about global warming using entertaining music. This show gained immense response from people of all ages.The Mystery jets video from Stella Artois received good response from people. The video focuses on four people who sing melodious songs. The music composed remains to be one of the favorites for many people. The video looks as if it was filmed inside a bottle and the shots are made in black and white style similar to retro shows of earlier decades. The video presents the audience with a message to lower carbon emission and to have a CO2 free environment.
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Sachin saves up energy to help India win 2011 world cup

BCCI recently announced the 15 member’s squad for Asia cup tournament. Sachin asked BCCI that he wants rest so the selectors had opted to give him rest. Sachin a real class entertainer plays every shot with a perfect timing and took Indian team to a destructive start. Sachin scored highest number of centuries both in tests and ODI’s still it is a record and no one is near to that. Even at the age of 37, Sachin still eager to get runs and also teaches some of young players to handle the pressure games.

Know more, stay updated

 I came across this aged corporation in the web. There are many interesting facts that I came across. Even though the site is yet to be launched, there is much useful information provided in it. There are many useful deals that are available in this Aged Corporations even before the launch. It is quiet interesting to see many freebies and many cool deals in this Shelf Corporations. These Cheapest Aged Corporations comes up with many offers like registration in the IRS for free, free agent service which is registered and many more. One can even get template based websites, just for free only in this Shelf Corporation. There are many credit facilities available in here. I have learnt a lot from their useful information. It made me decide to choose Shelf Corporations with Credit when I need In future. Aged Corporations for Sale is one of the best options that one could look for and examine things. I am very much satisfied with the credit facilities that they provide. I am looking forward to the launch of their website, expecting their release very soon. They are the Cheapest Shelf Corporations that I have ever come across. I wish them all success in their launch and progress. 

Freida Pinto’s Next Project - Hollywood awating

Though earlier the news was she is going to do a Hollywood film named Quantum of solace then finally the news was the director opted for another famous actress in Hollywood. In a survey held the fans opted that Freida pinto is one of the sexiest heroine in the Hollywood film industry. Let us hope she just chooses a good subject and act in a better film’s and make the audience most happy. She has a better future hope she fulfill all her dreams to act with most famous hero’s in Hollywood and get a special place in the Hollywood film industry. 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shifting work done easy

We have plans to change our house from Chicago to the south most coastal state of our great country United States of America. As t is quiet a long distance to cover we have to choose the best one to ensure that almost all the things which we have are transferred securely and safely. I am looking forward to spend rest of my life in there. One of my friends suggested me to try out San Diego moving company, which he feels one of the best and good shifting company known in our locality. I have been trying hard to find one good such company for quiet a long time. As many companies that I have enquired offer good price but do not cover our distance and others cover our distance, but do not charge less. This is the most disappointing factor that we are worried of. I am very much sure that this shifting company will satisfy all our requirements.

Best locations to spend time

We are one of the families in our locality to have spent most of our times in the beach during the week ends. I have long been wondering what to do incase we do not have any beach in our place. When ever we plan for a vacation, we prefer to be in a place where there is reasonable number of beaches located. It would be absolutely fine and comfortable to see things in good way.  We used to get stuffs in South Beach condos online store from our earnings that we used to get online. I am very much looking forward to spend this week end in a different beach which is located 210 miles from our residence. It is quiet comfortable for us, as almost all the beaches are located around our house in a distance of just 230 miles. I am wishing to have a real good time in there this week. 

Genelia - most watched in ads

Her ads were really a good one and more teenage people got attracted. Later she said that she is doing the film with Shahid kapoor named Chance pe Dance and the film had planned for the release in Jan 15.she also said Riteish is one of good friend of mine and we don’t have such ideas to get marry. Anyway the fans are expecting a good film from genilia and she want to do more ads and cover up more teenage friends and also to act in all the films and have to do different roles.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

skating - an excellent pass time

We are planning a trip to Kashmir, which is one of the best place in the world to spend time with one of my most favorite hobby Skating. I prefer skating in the snow more than in the land. I am looking forward to spend a wonderful time in Kashmir.  This place is known for two reasons, one is good that is, it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world and the other is, it is one of worst fighting zone in the world. I mean the fight between India and Pakistan near the border almost every single day. I have got 13 cool snowboards at good price and I am looking forward to have a good time there. I will be posting all our enjoyments of this place during the last week of next month and I am very much looking forward to it. These snow boards that I purchased were of very good quality.

Changing the entire look

It has been quiet a long time that we have changed the way things have been framed in our house. Few of my high schools has openly told me that they prefer not to come to my home, as they feel that it is not a good place to be in. I asked them the reason, the replied me that the house is not looking very good, it is openly disgusting. I am very much looking forward to see things in a lot better way now in my house. One of my friends who live very closer to my house suggested me to renovate the look of the house using Shutters, which I felt as the good option and it is one of the best thing to do to change the entire look. A little paint contrast to that will boost the entire look of the house. I am looking forward to welcome my old friends who said my house is not that good to stay in.

Secure self storage

I am a guy who used to spend most of the time all around the places in our locality for business dealings. I have long been wondering what to do to my things in a secure and good sanitized place. As I used to take long time to get back home, I prefer to keep my things in a hotel and continue my business dealings even at night time. One of my friends suggested me to try Raleigh NC self storage which helps the individual to ensure their things store in one of the most secured place. They offer this storage system for much lesser cost and I do not have to spend much in hotels to store my important stuffs. One of the most important factors that I would like to mention here is, they charge much lesser than what I was thinking of. I would rate their cool service 9 out of 10.

Genelia's futur plans

Hi friends an famous and upcoming star Genilia doing some add for some high brands. Sources say that genilia going to get married along with Riteish and going to stop her film carrier. Both acted in Tuj he mei kasam in the year 2003.but genila said no such plans now and she also said I am shocked to hear such news. She was introduced in the Toll wood film industry and later she was introduced in to Tamil industry by director Shankar in the film called Boys. Then she entered in to boll wood and got a good name soon. Then she in fact did many ads. 

Save your family and Haiti, spread my word

Natural calamities rarely leave a huge mark among people. Haiti faced one such mark this year. Haiti was rattled by a disastrous earthquake in late January this year leaving many people to suffer for their daily lives. We all knew that a natural calamity like this huge earthquake can’t be stopped but we can atleast help the affected people by offering a small contribution. Cryo-cell has taken a step forward to help those people. For each enrollment of a customer, Cryo-cell donates $25 to “Save the Children: Haiti Relief Fund”. 

Online casino is my favorite game

Online casinos are casino games played through Internet. It offers a good payback percentage when compared to land based casinos. The payback percentages are decided by the rules of the game. Based on the interface, online casinos are classified as Web-based online casinos and download-based online casinos.

The most famous online live casino games include online roulette and Blackjack. These two are dealt by casino studios' dealers. Some other game types in casinos are Baccarat, Craps, Poker, Keno etc.

Roulette is most familiar game in almost every casino. Roulette means 'Little Wheel'. This little wheel consists of numbers and colors red and black. The bet is placed on any number or set of numbers or on any color by the player. The croupier or dealer as in case of online casino spins the wheel in a direction. A little ball is thrown onto the wheel in opposite direction which gradually decelerates and comes to rest on any number or color. The player, who bet on that, surely wins.

Blackjack is yet another famous game in casino. Known as pontoon or Vingt-et-un in French which means twenty one is played with a deck of 52 cards. Blackjack is a simple game that can be played using many strategies.  It’s a multiplayer game. The live blackjack is my favorite online casino game.

 Initially two cards are given at random to each player and the total after adding the cards is noted. The cards are dealt until it counts to twenty one or closer to that. It must not exceed twenty one. The cards are valued with their numbers on it. Ace counts to one or eleven decided by the player before playing. The Jack, the Queen and the King value ten. The players keep on betting seeing their card values and when someone hits, the winner is the player with maximum card value than the dealer’s card value.

IIFA missing stars - for real cause

IIFA recently held in Srilanka was not an attractive one because some big stars were missing. This was because of srilankan tamil issue, kollywood union mentioned that Srilanka is not a good place for an film award function .so some big stars like amitabh, Aishwarya rai, SRK, Abhishak bachan were not present in the award function .so the function was not so good than expected. But some stars went to the function and grabbed their awards and performed in the shows and made the function somewhat to satisfy. Infact some stars like kareena,john abhraham,bipasha,salman attend the function and gave some performance to satisfy the audience and also grabbed their awards .If iifa would had chosen a better venue then the event would had been a grant success. So let us hope at least the officials take this in mind and choose some better venue and satisfy all the fans and unions.

Wonderful games to play

I am a gaming freak; I used to play almost all the recently launched games with in a week. Even at the age of 42, games are the only best companions during our free time. One of my favorite games is world of war crafts, which I wish to play most of the time. I am very much sure that it gives me immense amusement and fun while playing. Most interesting facts about playing war crafts games is, one can either sell or buy account or request character or buy currency and lot more. Vbarrack is the best gaming site for world of war craft games. I have planned to Sell Diablo 3 Accounts and get advanced level accounts; it is great fun playing these games.
Many characters are available at lowest prices; one can avail at the cheapest rate in here. My friend wishes to Buy D3 Accounts and get less amount characters. The most important point to note is all of the payment and transfers are much secure. One can get live help all through the day, whole week. I am hoping to cross the 29th level by this weekend and cross my friend’s 28th level.
It is extreme fun playing these games. I would suggest you to buy one account and I am very much sure that you will not miss to play any single free minute of yours. I wish to get few more accounts and enjoy the game lot better. I would rate this site 9 out of 10 and one can have secure transactions for all kinds of payments.