Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera – Your All-Weather Security Guard

If you want to keep a place secured and want to know what is going on that place every now and then, then you can deploy a security guard at that place. But with a security guard deploying at that place, you may not get picture of that place every minute. There is a very interesting solution out there for you.

If you want to put a vigilant eye on a particular place, then you can do so by installing a outdoor wireless security camera at that place. No matter how rough or oppressive the weather is, the camera will work constantly without asking for a break. And you will get crystal clear picture of that place every second. So, if any thing wrong happen at that place you can take immediate action. Then, is there any requirement for deploying any physical security? 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The new format in cricket that has made more number of people to sit and watch is T20 cricket. The more number of T20 matches has made people deny watching the traditional Test Cricket. Since the cricket evolved, the test matches are played, but that is facing a decline because of T20 matches. Earlier test matches had a play of six days with one day rest in between the innings. Days after, the rest day was removed and now being played for 5 days. The most famous test series is THE ASHES played between England and Australia which is considered as the ultimate clash between the two nations till date. The another series is BORDER-GAVASKAR trophy between India and Australia which is considered next to that of THE ASHES. Since the test matches are conducted less in number, people may forget or the next generation may not know the traditional test matches. Let’s save test cricket from its decline.