Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Tips on Gambling

It should go without saying that none of the systems shown in this guide will make you a millionaire gambler tomorrow. A successful gambler knows that any system is only as good as the person playing it, at the time they are playing. A system can make you a thousand dollars today and lose you a thousand tomorrow.There is also a HUGH amount of luck involved, which changes from day to day, even minute to minute. This cannot be forgotten. There is no good luck charm, nor a betting system, that can change what the gambling gods have in store for you. The best gambler is the most educated one. I don't mean the guy who went to college. I am talking about the guy who really takes his game seriously and has taken the time to study it. To learn one or more systems to bet it. Another attribute of the best gamblers is knowing when to leave. Sometimes that means leaving a loser to minimize your losses on bad days. A successful gambler always seems to know a little bit faster if they are doomed to lose that day. Other times it means having the guts to get up and leave while you are winning. The winning player knows the trend could change any time and pockets what they can as soon as they can do it. They leave with the winnings, whereas the loser will always give them back. I will leave you with this thought. The same system that lost you a dollar today can make you two dollars tomorrow. The key to winning is to minimize the losses on the bad days and to TAKE HOME THE WINNINGS on the days you can do that.

Good luck.


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