Friday, February 5, 2010

Sourav Ganguly may not play IPL4

The chances of Ganguly playing IPL4 are very less. There are many factors involved in it, one in which if his performance is poor in this season he would better choose not to continue playing in the IPL seasons. After the failure of Kolkata Knight Riders in both the years, one in which finishing one before last and in the next IPL in Southafrica, they finished last. They had few problems with captaincy issues, tried some multiple captaincy in the field for various departments namely fielding, batting and bowling, which was a utter failure after been criticized of such new idea. One big relief for Ganguly is that, Shane Bond is playing in KKR. This could be a great boost of the entire team’s performance. Ganguly has to smash in all the games to give atleast a reasonable start. One more problem here is, new auctions are to be conducted in the next season, IPL4. As we know, Ganguly’s carrier ended in a poor note of a duck in his final innings, not to forget here is even Sir Broadman ended his carrier with a duck. Ganguly may not play in IPl4, also Shane Warne playing as a captain for Rajastan royals is also to retire from IPL from next year. But he would continue to be as a coach. What chances will Ganguly take, if he fails to perform in this edition of IPL, IPL4?


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