Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My first interview, in defense (Army)

I first attended my first interview when I was just 20 years of age. As my parents sent me to school early, I am younger than all other class mates by one and half year or so. I was a bit nervous attending that interview. It is just a preliminary interview, in which once few who do not converse in English properly and have less patriotism be rejected. They said the questions prior to the interview, to let us prepare well. The questions were about to tell about our family, why Indian Army, inspiration to join Indian Army and special talents. I think they judge about the way we answer. I entered in, Colonel told me to take my seat. I started well with rolling my words to show that I can speak American slang well, but as I went on till fourth question, my rolling collapsed and started using my regular slang. I was very confident during the interview and at the end the interviewer colonel said I am fit enough to be an Army men. I am selected to next round, for which am eagerly waiting to attend. I will update you about the final results surely.


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