Thursday, September 23, 2010

Listen anywhere, Stay connected - Incredible fun assured

Blog Talk Radio is the leading largest social radio network of the world. It allows you to host a live, Internet
Talk Radio show, from anywhere, just by using a computer and a telephone. The latest technology of the BlogTalkRadio along with the leading social networking websites such as Ning, Twitter, Facebook, allows the user to create their own content and share, their opinions and voices in a public worldwide forum. Now, the blog radio is the fastest and largest growing social radio network on the World Wide Web. The BlogTalkRadio is really a democratized medium, which has hundreds and thousands of hosts and million s of people tuning in the Online Radio and joining the conversation every month.
These days many of the business organization are utilizing this platform as the tool to extend their brands and join the conversation on the social networking website. Some of the leading brands using these services are Sears, Ford, Harper Collins, UBM Tech Web, Hachette Book Group and many more. The simplest ways to create your own content and share interactive audio is to log to the Internet Radio. It provides free shows, a premium package which starts at 39 dollars per month, plus packages which starts at 99 dollars per month and Pro packages starts at 249 dollars per month.


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