Friday, December 23, 2011

Excellent trip

I had a great difficulty in storing my belongings. I approached Storage Works for storing my belongings in their place. I had a lot of kitchen items, furniture, curtains, cots, mattresses, glassware, dining dishes, portable chairs etc. I had to store them in a secure place for few months. Storage Works made this job simpler for me. They helped in packing all my items and store it in their spaces. As Storage Works are located in many of the places, it was easier for me to contact them and get the help. Various discounts were also provided and the items were neatly packed and kept in a place maintained in the required temperature. They also provide special discounts for students. They also provide useful tips on storing glassware and important paper documents. Rent is collected every month. Storage Works also provides appropriate security locks for our belongings. They also offer convenient spaces as per our needs. We can vacate out as an when required. The associates working there provide friendly advice on effective storage keeping cost and time on mind. I was really happy with Storage Work for their unforgettable service. I would recommend Storage Works to get their services according to our needs just by a phone call.


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