Sunday, December 18, 2011

INR Testing - Must read article - Caring your Health

Have you ever taken a PT test? Have you taken an INR test? Yes, it is a Prothrombin time test that is a derived from Prothrombin ration and International Normalization Ratio. These are nothing but the detection of pathways in the human system where there are extrinsic blood clotting. That is, it defines the tendency of clotting of blood in the human system. It is highly necessary for every human to take a PT INR Home Testing  to prevent damage of different organs in the body. Early detection of damage of an organ can be made by this test.

There are a lot of laboratory test centers that helps people to take these tests. ACS is one of the leading cardio service centres that used advanced clinical instruments for this test. It also provides an amicable environment for people during their test duration. A PT/INR meter is provided for the individuals to carry out their test. A clear description with detailed explanation is provided by ACS experts for how is that PT/INR meter to be used. These supplies are delivered at your doorstep for free of cost. I have already taken PT test from ACS. I recommend ACS for healthy and happy living.


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