Saturday, July 11, 2009


Formula One is prominently known as F1, and is currently officially referred to as the FIA. Formula One 
World Championship is the highest class of auto racing sanctioned by the Federation International of the Automobile (FIA). The "formula" in the name refers to a set of rules to which all participants and cars must follow. The F1 season consists of a series of races, known as Grand Prix, held on purpose - built circuits, and to a lesser extent, former public roads and with closed city streets. The results of each race are combined to determine two annual World Championships, one for the drivers and one for the constructors, with racing drivers, constructor teams, track officials, organizers and circuits required to be holders of valid Super License, the highest class racing license issued by FIA. The cars are capable of pulling in excess of 5 g forces in some typical curves. The performance of the cars is highly dependent on electronics but traction control and driving aids have been banned since 2007, aerodynamics with suspension and on tires. The formula has seen many evolutions and changes through the history of the world sport. Events in Europe and the Americas have dropped in favor of races in Asia and the Middle East part of the eighteen races in 2008, nine were held outer Europe


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