Saturday, July 11, 2009


For much of the history, qualifying sessions differed little from that of practice sessions. Drivers would have the entire session in which to attempt to set their best time, sometimes within a very limited number of attempts, grid order determined by each driver's the best single lap timing, fastest  as on pole position to slowest in last pole position. Grids were limited to the fastest 26 cars and drivers had to lap within 107% of the pole sitter's time to qualify for the every single race. Other formats have included Friday pre - qualifying, and sessions in which each driver was allowed one qualifying lap, run separately in a order prescribed. The current qualifying system, known as "knock-out" qualifying and adopted starting with the 2003 season which is split into 3 periods. In each period, drivers run qualifying laps to attempt to advance to their next period, running as many laps as their wish, with the slowest drivers being "knocked out" at the end of the period and their grid positions is thus set. Cars are eliminated in this manner until 10 cars remain eligible to attempt to qualify for pole position in final period. Very thrilling game! U may love it.


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