Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Cricket was originally invented by England in the 16th century. It is a team game. Two teams play against each other. Each team consists of eleven players. Believe it or not, the first ever cricket match was played between Canada and America. But the first official test match was played between Australia and England in Melbourne. Originally test matches were played continuously over many days till a result is achieved. But soon it became boring to watch a cricket match over a long period of time. So it was cut down to five days.

After many successful years of test match cricket, a new revolution of limited overs cricket came into existence. England was the pioneer in inventing new formats of the game and the first limited overs match was played in 1963 in English county. The first international limited overs match was played in 1971. Soon, one day cricket got support from many countries and the first world cup was played in 1975 in England. Many innovations took place in one day format and this format became more and more popular. Some of the significant rules were the mandatory fielding restrictions for the first 15 overs and the introduction of colored jerseys to the teams.


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