Saturday, July 3, 2010

Become a Winning Internet Poker Player Using Rakeback

Millions of people from around the world play poker nowadays, thanks to the ‘Chris Bryan Moneymaker. In the year 2003 this recreational poker player and normal everyday accountant, became the world poker champion. His story reverberated with millions of normal poker players as to qualify for the 10,000 dollars poker tournament buy in, Chris won a 39 dollar satellite on an online poker website and at last won the first prize of 2.5 million dollars. However how many poker players who play today could really say they are a champion over the long run? It is said that just twenty percent of players in fact make consistent profits at the online poker room or casino. A larger percentage breakeven and the rest really lose.

Therefore what is the one method that you could really change from a losing poker player to a winning poker player without trying to perfect your game, with no additional effort whatever? Well the answer is easy and simple. rakeback. poker rakeback is the name given to the refund that online poker websites make to poker players for showing loyalty to their firm. To understand completely, poker websites survive by taking some percentage of every pot played, which is known as rakeback poker or rake. Thus Rakeback is a percentage of this rake amount that is returned to the poker player.


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