Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MJ—Marvelous Entertainer Who Ever Lived:-

MJ is the master in pop, hence he is profoundly called as ”King of Pop” and he is one of the best stage entertainer who have ever performed in the history of world. Along With his brothers, he started his career in 1964 as front run singer and he was the youngest member in The Jackson 5 group. He gave rise to consecutive four number ones in the Billboard 100 which he performed splendidly. His successful solo career began in the year of 1971. One of his best album ever “album Thriller” remains the best-selling album of all time, in which 'Bilie Jeann', 'Beatt It', were the best, he performed through out his career. His complicated physical techniques of dance which are moonwalk and robot, to which people try to perform to his near similar way and with perfection but most of which ended in vain. He helped the people in the world to have a better place to live.        Despite too many controversies and insults in most part of his life, he performed the best way, he ever was. I think he felt he found his happiness by making people happy by enjoying his on – stage performance. Really an incredible man! We miss u, dude.


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