Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sachin's new formula to save ODI

Sachin Tendulkar has reached out with a typical controversial new formula, as his suggesting, so as reviving ODI cricket.. He suggested the best reviving Formula of 25 over Split Innings per each side, playing consecutively as 4 innings. Ever – green Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has reached up with a interesting new proposal to save the ODI format from the T20 blossom which threatens its existence from extinction. He suggested that One day matches may be splitted into four innings of 25 overs per side. I hope, He thinks we may have twenty overs a side. He exclaimed about this idea during the 2002 Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka, In which the finals had ended up playing for over 100 overs against the less competiting opponent Sri Lanka. At First they played 50 overs, then we played ten overs before interruption of rain. The very next day, Sri Lanka started again playing 50 overs, then we played 10 overs, with which in the end we were declared as joint winners, which does not make any sense. This provides the reason for his suggestion. Its is much closer to T20 over format cricket, but simplicity is its theme. I think it will work