Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slamit Pinball

With a new breakthrough gaming technique, and play style, where you are encouraged to slam your keyboard wherever you like and your hits are transferred to pinball machine depending on the location of your hit, you will learn a new way to enjoy using your keyboard. The physics engine is state of the art for pinball simulation, offering amazing and unbeatable realism. Air balls, wizard tricks, ball spins? everything you wanted to enjoy in computer pinball is here. You will never wish to play any other computer pinball after you have tried Slam-It. The lighting effects are new for real-time 3D pinball. You are able to precisely adjust lighting atmosphere between dark and cafe like ambience’s or a daylight kind of feel.Big Score original table offers rich game play and an exciting story line, where you will take on a role of one of four characters, each having its own specialties, fighting for a big score… Top scores will be managed on 4 levels, from local city scores, to the global world wide score list.


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