Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny photo effects


As you know from my previous posts, I am very much interested in photographing. I love to make effects and some classic amazing pictures of photos. I came across this site pic joke, which is about providing lots and lots of amazing effects in it. One photo about fixing British football legend David Beckham photo in twilight film picture was really amazing. Many such effects are available in the site; also faster transition of images is possible. One effect about fixing ones photo in the toilet with some effects is really a funny effect. I made fun of my friends by placing their photo in it and uploading into some social networking sites. I have now become a fun photo maker. They upload effects regularly and I am a frequent visitor to this site. This can be best described as fun photo editor and more specifically amazing service provider in terms photo effects. There were also incredible numbers of picture effects available in their site. I have also posted this site link in my social networking site accounts. One can have real fun using this site. Look at the above picture, it is mine. But the sad thing is I made fun of my friend by placing her picture in the toilet.


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