Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yelina Isinbayeva

Yelina Isinbayeva  Is a great Russian female athlete. She has won world female athlete of the year for three times.  She started in the year 2004 in the international arena. In the recently concluded Beijing Olympics, she created new world records. Yelina Isinbayeva also had won too many medals in the entire major world event. She exclaimed many tines that her best moment in her carrier is, in the Athens Olympics the performance of sergei bukka is her great moment till date In her carrier. Yelina Isinbayeva considers her emotions to be managed for longer period, so that she can have control over the game pattern. She is currently being a role model to many young aspiring female athletes across the globe, like Usain bolt to all the male athletes. Yelina Isinbayeva holds a honour of bring two time Olympic champion for her incredible performance in all the stages. Yelina Isinbayeva also holds many honoree world awards. 


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