Friday, January 1, 2010

Technology in Sport

 The use of technology in sport leapfrogged in the last decade, either to enhance viewing pleasure, boost performances or erase human error. Though nothing was foolproof, debate was guaranteed. Technology is introduced in Sport to tie loose ends, to find a way out of ambiguity, either in the mind of the viewers or referees. However, even technology has its limitations and thus remains a work of progress.
Apart from innovations on the TV, the hi-tech decade that was also saw sports equipment taking new shapes and sizes. In cricket sport for example, many more edges and nicks are going for boundaries with the bat becoming one big “sweet spot”. Ask the hapless bowler, who wins the mini battles only to concede boundaries! The lighter and quicker footballs have made a mockery of goalkeepers eyesight and reflexes, often swerving past the wall and the custodian in t the net. The luxilon technology in racquet string has ensured never seen before kind of rallies in tennis. More new technology in sport is being launched everyday. Now its common to see a slugfest from the baseline, with shots going over 200kmph, It makes for compelling viewing on TV , but its easy to see that the serve and volley game is dying.


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