Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheap glasses

I have been wearing glasses for the past eight years. I have always chosen the best and cool looking glass to wear. Power of my eye started from –0.05 and it is now -4.25 and my problem is myopia. It has been in the same-4.25 for the past six months and it has been said that I am eligible for performing Laser treatment to correct my eye to 6/6, which is a normal vision of an averagely healthy human. So, I will be treated with laser treatment after some 8 months in order to check my stability in vision. 

I just want to wear a really cool glass till then. As it is going to be last eight months of my life wearing powered glasses, I love to choose the best one. One of my friends told me about Zenni optical, who provide some incredible number of cool designed glasses at much cheaper rate. I preferred to buy one here and I found too many superb designs of glasses. Almost all the glasses I found here were simply awesome. Many news designs of glasses can be purchased in here. I bought some six set of glasses for myself and my relatives. You know what the total cost of my purchase is, it is just $96. I could not have obtained such a cool deal anywhere. I have included few of the glasses that I purchased.


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