Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Increase Alexa rank easy

There are many ways to increase Alexa traffic rank. i came to know about guys, who work 24 hours to help people improve the site traffic.I sent the following mail to a traffic improver, he accepted this goos deal and my traffic rank is improving exponentially. the message that i sent him is as follows,

hi, (thanks for the reply)
As yo know my site name is entertainment ,( i own 12 blogs overall) some of them are, i would like to give you little trial work and check out how it works. Current alexa traffic rank of this site is 10 lakhs, i know its very easy to bring in the traffic rank to 4 lakh and its difficult to reduce from their on.

Here is the deal, i want that blog to reach 4 lakhs and i pay you 10 dollars. i pay yo through paypal instantly.send your paypal Id if yo accept the deal.

Expecting your response, (as other guys like you are waiting to accept the same deal for 12 dollars)
I would give yo more work based no this deal.

The deal was great, i may provide guys the same service at reasonable cost. you may contact me through my chat box.


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