Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cool Articles

 I have been looking for some articles for my site. I used to update my site regularly. So, I prefer to get some cool articles. The main aim of writing those is, it helps in improving the page rank of my site. I am very much sure that the Google update would be more or less is in week. One of my friends told me that posting unique articles and content post in site would help improving the page rank faster. I did it when I started my site. It improved from zero to three. Now, I am keeping my fingers crossed to further improve in result for at least a page rank of four. It is not that easy to improve the page rank from 3. It is even not that easy to sustain the rank to 3 after a period of time. But there are more chances rank going down. Article Alley provided me incredible number of cool articles for my site; it helped to increase the indexed URLs and also the page rank of my cool site. Articles for almost all categories are available in here and one can get it for free. It gets even simpler to grab ideas from them to write our own articles. It helped me a lot.


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