Monday, March 15, 2010

Eat less, work more

I am 96 Kilograms weight and it is much higher than the correct weight for my height. I have calculated my body mass index and it is found to be over 26 and I came to know that I am obese. I have always wanted to be fit and maintain my BMI in all circumstances. So I preferred to consult a fitness expert and get proper advice to reduce my weight. He advised me to take care of my calorie intake and perform exercise regularly. I used to jog some 7Km everyday. But that was a year ago; I think I have become too much lazy. More concerns me is, I could not wake up early in the morning to jog. I preferred to take fiber based diet to reduce the calorie that I take in and improve the quantity of essential nutrients. One of my friends told me about this diet direct website. I found too many fiber based products at prostat at much cheaper cost and I have bought a few. I obtained some cool offers and I would suggest people to have a try in here. One can get products at much lesser cost and almost all the deals that I made were really cool. I saved some $278. Take care of your calorie intake and burn them regularly.


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