Friday, June 11, 2010

Awareness campaign in 60’s, A great show

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Global warming has a great impact on lives present in the earth. The temperature of the earth has been constantly surveyed and researchers concluded that the temperature has been rising since 1700’s. The industrial revolutions and the technology developed in these centuries paved way for increase in the greenhouse gases. The concentration of CO2 has increased by 36% since 1750.There are many awareness programs conducted by scientists and researchers in association with many social welfare organizations. Though these programs are beneficial, they do not gain good response that an entertainment program gets. Stella Artois launched a campaign called as the CO2 soiree to educate the people about global warming using entertaining music. This show gained immense response from people of all ages.The Mystery jets video from Stella Artois received good response from people. The video focuses on four people who sing melodious songs. The music composed remains to be one of the favorites for many people. The video looks as if it was filmed inside a bottle and the shots are made in black and white style similar to retro shows of earlier decades. The video presents the audience with a message to lower carbon emission and to have a CO2 free environment.
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