Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Initiative

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VICE magazine is one that has been known to produce some pretty good content. Not only do they provide some very interesting reads, they also are one that is known to break some pretty substantial artists, and they have proficiency for getting some pretty exclusive interviews with some pretty good artists that are making some waves. If anyone has heard of the band Phoenix, they understand that they are definitely onto something with their style. 
The dance rock of Phoenix is something that is generally likened to MGMT, Air, and other artists of the same vein. While it seems as if, already, the genre is starting to get saturated, Phoenix shows people that there is still a lot of innovation to be done. They are shaking things up all over the world with their guitar rock born in a bedroom in Versailles, and while they seem to be one of the fastest rising bands in Europe, they seem to be very humbled by their newfound success. This interview is one that brings a person closer to the band, as they talk about their unique creative process and their thoughts about their fans. While there are a lot of interviews about up and coming bands, this one is particularly intimate.
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