Monday, June 14, 2010

plan well, be secured

I am guy who is known for planning things long before. I could give you a simple example, for the last Christmas I purchased all the stuffs and Christmas goods much before the month of June. My friends and colleagues used to make fun of me. But I really do not care much and stick to my plans well. Since last week, they have stopped bullying me. You know why, they are quiet stunned by the plan that I made for one of my friend. I could explain a bit, last week my friend who is known for riding car in rash manner met with an accident in 100 feet road. According to my predictions, he met with an accident. I have already paying premiums in his name for personal injury insurance, which I felt will be very useful for him in any day. Right on that day of accident, none of his family member had cash. The insurance amount helped him.


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