Monday, June 14, 2010

One stop zone for good policies

No one knows what can happen next minute. That is the thrill of life that is the only thing what keeps every one going. I have always wondering what my wife and kids do if I am dead in few days. I am a guy known for thinking crazily, as I am very much considering this fact for long time. Imagine I am dead today, and then who will take care of my kids and wife. As we do not have any relatives, almost all our relatives has dead in a tragic accident which took place in India, I mean the Tsunami waves which wrapped up the coastal parts o India. I came across online life insurance quote, in which I quoted based on my budget. I went one to pay premiums for the life cover. I feel it will be much useful for my wife when I am long gone. Till now, I have not told her regarding this.


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