Thursday, June 3, 2010

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It is excellent to see shows like these. As much as four and a half decades ago, the awareness campaigns on carbon emissions and their problems has started spreading. In this period of 5 decades, if the people have taken a very minor step to control carbon emission, then the way we are in is like a thing that would have never happened. The above video is the famous show aired live in early 1960’s, it is about effects and control of carbon emissions in the best possible way. I have seen almost all of their previous shows. The one above here is the favorite of all their shows that I have seen. Highlight of the show is it takes place inside a light bottle. It is all about a many small steps leading to a giant carbon free environment. They have explained the innovative new glasses which are prepared from recycled ones. These are must watch videos in the current scenario of booming carbon emission around the world. International environment management system can use these shows videos to spread the word of awareness on this troublesome carbon. As I am a teacher in a high school, I will show these videos in our free periods to let the future world saved a little.
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