Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be kindhearted – help the needy

We are a family of four and we have some incredible properties that could even imagine which were all left over by my ancestor. I am in general more kindhearted and down toward person. I used to spend my birthday parties and other occasions with the under privileged people. As I said before, our wealth is incredibly too much. One famous quote which my dad used to say exclaims, one can retain the happiness by sharing the wealth with the needy and helping the needy in all possible ways. We have some 16 cars and 8 boats and some 31 houses all across United States of America. I wish to donate 3 of my cars to a renounced organization. One of my friends told me about a site that helps the rich to donate things and ensure that it reaches the right person. I have donated 6 of my cars to Car Donations Company and they have assured me that it reaches the correct person. I have also provided 2 our unused boats to Boat Donations organization. I have requested my dad to donate few of our houses in New Jersey and Philadelphia. Interestingly, we have donated 3 of those houses to House Donations organization. I am very much happy that I have helped some one and it reaches it the right person.


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