Friday, May 14, 2010

Long live my kids' dreams

My kids have been asking me for quiet a long time to get them skate shoes. I have been working overtime to earn more money to meet the needs of my kids. Many have asked me whether I have been a successful parent by satisfying my entire kids dream, I would say partially yes and partially no, the farther answer because I am trying to do all that can and on the other hand I am feeling lazy these days to earn more. You know what; my earning through blogging is the top most earning of all the little earning that I get. One of my friend’s sister have suggested me invest more on the kids education rather than meeting their unimaginable needs and requirements. There have been asking me Vans skate shoes for over 6 weeks now. I think it will remain as a dream for some more time for at least 3 more weeks and I am very much sure that I will get all the shoes that they been asking me for a long time. I am planning to get more kids to have some great fun and I know what you feel after reading all the above content. I am a person who do not control things much.


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