Friday, May 14, 2010

Wake up and have some great time

I used to play all kinds of sports and skating is no exception. In my country, people preferred to play either football or baseball in most case. The preference to all other games is much lesser and the game of basketball is one exception of that lot. There are many games that we guys used to play in the weekends and also during the feel weekdays. All our friends prefer to do acrobatics in our college ground during all our PT periods, but we prefer to skate rather that performing acrobatics like climbing the ropes, gymnastics, riding etc. We have requested for a skating ground inside our college campus and we hope we will get it soon. I have suggested my friends to get skate boards before the college arrange for a ground for skating. One of my friend’s sisters suggested us during our visit to cinema hall that there are many cool wake boards in CWB wakeboard and she also said that one would be puzzled to choose among the best designs in here. We went on and tried it’ll interestingly we found incredible number of cool designed wake boards. We will be waking up every day to skate and have a great time.


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