Friday, May 14, 2010

enjoy your holidays

We are a bunch of hardcore friends in our high whop all used to spend all our time together. It is hard time now, the end is high school is fast approaching and we feel missing each other even before that due to stress for exam preparations. One fine day, after the exams were over, we met on and decided to go on a trip to some dense forest and enjoy a great trekking. I have learn from my friends that there are many safety precautions that one has to keep in mind, so as to ensure to have a better time in the forest. One important thing that came to my mind is to get some strong boots for all of us to ensure the safety and have safe legs all through the trip. One of friends suggested to get Burton Boots and also preferred to get them in same design. We purchased some 18 similar boots, all of which of same color and design for 18 of us. We are hoping to have one last great trip with our high school mates and few girls are too turning up for the trip. This may be the reason why we feel lot better for this trip.


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