Friday, May 7, 2010

Cheap miller clocks

I have been looking for some real cool old grand father clocks for quiet a long time. There is a little story behind it and I wish you may spend a little time reading my emotional story. My grand father’s name is Victor roes Taylor, he is a retired army men. After his retirement he used to spend most of his time with me, whenever he is free and comfortable enough to spend some leisure time with me. He used to tell me about this job in the Second World War and almost all the time used to sleep off hearing those old brave stories. One fine day, he started telling me stories in the early morning as it our vacation time. On that day he was a bit emotional, he told me about the clock which was presented to him by his army chief. The cool present was a great old wall clock of his time. He used to tell me the importance of that howard miller grandfather clock and he wanted me to safe guard that clock even after his life time. Unfortunately I broke it once and I purchased the same design in an online store which contains cool grand father clocks.


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