Wednesday, May 12, 2010

future fins

We live in a joint family and we live as such for more than 12 years now. Whatever we buy, we prefer to get in bunch. There are a total of 32 members in our home, of which 18 are kids below the age of 18 and the remaining are adult. As the majority of persons in our home are adult, we take decisions based on what the kids feel to do. As we all know, majority wins in the democratic country, then why not in our home. There wish now is to spend our vacation in a cool resort across the coast. They have learn from net that the resort contains facilities for people to surf. We went on a vote whether to buy surf boards for the vacation or not. Fortunately, the wish list won by a margin of 16 votes. I have made up the decision to get at least 25 boards for 18 kids and 7 middle aged adults. One of kids suggested to get those boards in Future Fins, where I found too many cool designs and purchased few best designs from the lot. I hope that we will have a great time all through this vacation and have a safe and secure trip.


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