Thursday, May 6, 2010

Best law groups

We have been having this land problem for over six years now. There is not any improvement in the case and I regret for registering the cases, as I would have solved the problem at much cheaper cost. The problem of the dispute is about the land encroachment by us for about 16 square feet. We initial took of our 1800 sq feet for construction and an additional 16 sq feet for extensions of car parking. But this area is our neighbor house controlled place.  I told me initially to demolish the encroached area. I have been having this trouble for a lot of time. One of my friends told me about this online service which provides law service and solves the problem at much cheaper rate. I found it interesting and went on and tried it. It is about American Residential Law Group which provides service at much cheaper rate and I would love to enroll myself in this. I just went on and tried the above link and interestingly I found incredible number of experienced lawyers which I am sure will solve that 16 sq feet dispute with out any demolishment. I would rate their service 10 out 10 just because of the price they charged me.


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