Thursday, May 20, 2010

New ideas – improve mileage

I have some 3 cool cars, which I have during last summer using the winning amount of Basketball tournament organized by our college group. Basically, I am a mechanical engineer who aspires to perform innovative things in all aspects. I wish to improve the mileage of my car which is currently providing 35 miles per gallon per fuel. One of my friends suggested me to change the air filter to improve the mileage. I performed all possible calculations to come up with an optimized solution. One of close high school mate is working on a car project that runs on solar power. She said she bought all the car accessories from an online store carid that provides almost all car and truck accessories at much cheaper rate. I purchased the air filters in here, which is of great quality and I have obtained a real cool deal from here. Moreover, I have also changed the wind shield and bumper of my car. For quiet a long time, I have been wishing to change the lighting setup of my car. Interestingly, I found some cool designed lights for front and rear ends were available in here. I would rate this cool online store 10 out of 10.


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