Monday, April 19, 2010

Better entertainer – T20 world cup or FIFA world cup?

There are two great events which are lined up to thrill the people across the world. Not many countries in the world follow Cricket, but it is the game of soccer which almost all the nations in the world follow. Coming to the point, T20 is the game of thrill, entertainment and non stop bizarre, whereas the Soccer is a one and a half hour game with very less time further and thrill of course is guaranteed. One can never say game of t20 cricket is very lengthy of overall of 3 and half hours. Do not forget the 50 over games lasts for over seven hours in overall. I think it is the game of football which is more exciting and entertaining. Post your comments about which your picks of the above. One thing for sure, this summer is going to a bizarre with this two great events roaring.


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