Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cool project

An engine is a main component of a vehicle which in turn converts the applied thermal energy into mechanical energy of desired nature. The sequential arrangement of piston causes the enormous power transmission and in turn flow of fuel can be of required quantity.  The arrangement of engine is done with the view of improving the efficiency of the entire vehicle performance. Spill marking technique done by gravity force method in the flywheel of the fuel injection pump has not provided the accuracy expected in supplying the fuel at correct timing and correct quantity. A new innovative technique of spill marking is done precisely using the exact pressure as that of a running engine. This minimizes the inaccuracy and thereby the timing of fuel supply is made correct to a maximum possible extent. The flywheel of the injection pump is designed with a mark made through spill marking machine. This marking causes the required nature of fuel flow through the injection pump. This in turn reduces the emission of smoke to a low level range and hunting can be completely eradicated. This also helps in improving the life of the engine and noise generated is exponentially reduced. Emission is controlled by as much as 40% and also the engine follows higher pollution norms.


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