Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Vacation plans

In this vacation, we have planned to go on tour to Europe. It has been a long time since we spent a good time as a whole. Our last vacation was in the year 2006. Our father and grand parents have insisted us to spend some time with them and take them for a vacation. We are a family for some 24 members. We hardly get any time to speak with one another. I used to tell my dad that we have to go on a vacation with all my expense put in to it. He used to refuse it because he never wishes to spend my money for others. But I am in general a cool and free giving guy. One of my friends told me about booking online. We have booked some 12 rooms in Tampa hotels , which are one of the top class and best choice hotels across the world. Almost all the rooms that we booked were of luxury cart and the system is very much cooler and fine as expected. Our total time duration is about 22 days. We are spending some one day on each of the locations chosen. Hope we will have the great vacation up the corner. I will post the pictures next month.


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