Thursday, April 29, 2010

I have renovated my car

 I am great freak to car. I never miss to buy any new venture. You may be thinking that I could be a rich guy. I am from a middle class family and how I buy is, by exchanging the old ones and buying the new ones or selling the old car and buying the new car. I almost change my car every 3 months. Right now, I have around 2 cars one of which is Audi and the other is Lamborghini. According to me its life time is over, its time to sell them and get new one. But my sixth dating partner told me to have this Audi car. I really have a soft corner to it and so that I have not sold it after three months. Instead I have planned to renovate the car by replacing the accessories and by changing the look of the car. So I have planned to change the head and light lamps initially. One of my friends told me about this online store where all car and truck accessories all recent ventures as well as the old ventures are available. Fortunately my car’s horizontal door can be replaced with the vertical doors. I tried various colors under it in this online store CARID.  Interestingly, I found as much as six cool models and chose them to let my partner select the best of them. There are many distinct car accessories like head, tail lamps, wind shield, Bumpers, cabin chairs and many more. Almost all of whose quality is assured for maximum period of time. I have also changed the cargo liners and hid kits of my car. The price is every much optimal. If you are looking for any accessory for your car or your truck, then this is the place to be in.                                                                                                  


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