Saturday, April 3, 2010

What happens after DUI arrest?

It has been mentioned that the officer is compulsorily required to forward a copy immediately which contains the notice completely filled with suspension note or as a revocation form. The driver license taken into possession and DMV receives the sworn portion. The DMV performs the review on administrative basis which also includes the examination of the officer’s report. The report that officer submits contains the suspension copy, revocation order and any other test results. If the administrative officers uphold the suspension during their review, one can request for the hearing to contest this suspension or revocation produced. Los Angeles DUI Attorney | Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers, in here one has the right to request for a hearing from the DMV with in the period of 10 days or 12 days in different cases of receipt of suspension or revocation order. If the review produced after thorough examination that there is no basis of any kind of purpose of suspension or revocation, then the action would be set aside. One will be notified by the DMV only by writing, if the revocation or the suspension is set aside after the review by administrative dept.


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