Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Political forums

I am in general a talkative person and I am very much sensitive with the political issues that affect the common man. During my childhood, I used to speak with my friends about our president and his performance during his course of power. I used to criticize as well as appreciate the decisions that political leaders take and condemn some complicated decisions and issues concerning people. All of us are part of the current politics. We have to invoke our self in it. It is responsible for every citizen to raise the voice against poor performance politically. I found a place where all political lovers assemble every day to leave some comments about existing political scenarios from all across the world. This is the place where you can go to have a good political argument. It is very much interesting to find a place where all like minded people assemble for sharing a good and effective argument. One of kid participated in a school competition regarding current political failures. I suggested her to have a go through in this site. Guess what? She came first in the list of over 35 participated. This is a real cool site that one should not miss to see.


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