Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog advertising store is 100% scam

I have around 6 blogs and almost all of which are active. Main aim of me is to provide quality content and recent news updates. One of my friends told me about earning through blogging. Just by submitting to various advertising sites and get offers as posts and links. He gave me some 12 sites, some of which are sponsored reviews, in post links, buy blog reviews; review me, smorty, blog advertising store and few more. I just submitted to all these advertising sites. I got too many offers at reasonable price. I got from almost all those sites. But in blog advertising stores alone, I got offers worth $130; I just wondered how an advertiser can give so many opportunities to a new blog. I doubted this site and searched on web about its past records and performance. Interestingly, there were too many complaints about this site. They never pay the bloggers, never respond to queries, and eat up the advertiser amount and lot more. Many of these bloggers claim this as 100% scam. I just want to spread this message and save the fellow bloggers. Guys just keep away from this blog advertising store site and save your precious time.


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