Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favorite clocks

I have long been wondering how to get those old cool clocks that my grandfather used to safe guard like a treasure. After him, we failed to maintain them and lost almost all the clocks he had kept for us. Only one remains, that too is with my cousin. I have planned to buy some class and good looking old grand father clocks at5 cheap rates. One of my friends told me about this online site that sells these cool grand father clocks. I tried this site and I found it really very interesting looking at the types and various number of such clocks available in there. My father told me that many were not of that great quality as his father used to have. But I did not trust him, I purchased one grandfather clock, which looks as same as the old one that I had. My father was wondered looking at the clock. He was a bit emotional too looking at it, he remembered his father. I asked my dad whether I will remember him like this after some decades. He replied me may be or may be not. The point to note in here is the clock is guaranteed for a reasonable period of time.


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