Monday, April 12, 2010

Business end of IPL 3

Almost the IPL is going to end in a week. It is getting thriller and thriller from the last week. Current condition is one team in semis and one team out of semis. This simplifies the equation for the top most and bottoms most position and the remaining six parts if of tough competition. Any of these six teams can make it to the semis. The fight is for the second, third and the fourth position. From now on, every single victory and defeat counts for each and every team. In the today’s match, If Delhi wins they are a step ahead of the other six teams in the race to the semis. IF Mumbai wins, then the equation gets tougher for Delhi. KKR vs. CSK is a crucial match deciding either fate. IF Chennai wins they are comfortable with 12 points same as the other 4 teams and in safe zone. IF it loses, it can still race to semis. The results depend on the performance of the other teams. Watch out for today's match, both are going to be highly thrilling. The business end of IPL 3 has just started.


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