Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Greet your colleagues

I am corporate executive and I am in this sector for over 23 years. I have incredible number of friends in here. I have always wondered to think what’s the best way to greet my friends during festive occasions and some happy times? My boss told me that he used to purchase some cool Corporate Greeting Cards from a site, which is solely dedicated to this cool service. They provide greeting cards for almost all type of occasions. The cost of each card is also very much cheap. My boss used to purchase a list of cards from this site for various times. He used to store them in the cup board and mail it to his loved, missed ones. He used to tell me that it makes him feel very cool. He feels that he reunites with his old friends just by sending some cool and good looking greeting cards. Occasions like religious function, almost all the religion greeting cards are available, birthday greetings, official functions, anniversaries and many more. The coolest part of all of this is incredible number of designs was available for various occasions and delivery time is very much less. I have just purchased some a dozen of cards for Easter week.


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