Friday, April 16, 2010

I have sponsored my nephews

My cousin brother has passed away last week in a tragic accident. Unfortunately he did not left any wealth for this two daughters and he is only son to his parents. So it is my responsibility to take care of my brother’s daughters. They are wiling to study the post graduation Oxford, London. It costs in total of about $2,500 per semester for staying alone and overall cost would go up to the sky. I discussed with my wife that it is my responsibility to educate them and satisfy my brother’s dream. My loving wife accepted my wish and told me get a loan. The seats of both of them in the same university are confirmed. We do not have much time to arrange for money. One of my colleagues told me about this Payday Advance Loans, which helps in getting loans faster and easier. I got loan approval in less than a day and the funds were transferred in a week. We have booked a fight for four it includes me and my wife. We are going to secure them a fine place to stay and make them comfortable. We are leaving in 12 days. The girls are really hapy now. They have also assured me that they pay me back the money incurred for their education in 5 years. I told them that I would be very happy if they are successful in life.


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