Friday, April 16, 2010

I have insured all my things

 We are a family of four and all of us are very much sure that we should concentrate on earning money to insure several of our products. One may not understand the real importance of insurance until unless he or she is put in to such typical situation. My car met with an accident last week because of my daughter’s poor driving skill. The entire front body grill was broke and the wind shield lost the balance and resulted in crack. Guess what, we did not paid even a single buck to repair all the damaged parts. It was great that we insured the car for as much as seven years. The short term insurance puts in the users to a better position but also makes them feel very comfortable. I have insured almost all my products from my little 2 wheeler to car. One has to understand the importance of insurance and find the best place where they insure your needs at much lesser cost. We will be insuring our house next week through the disaster management certificate. I feel free now. Many of my problems and worries are relieved when I insure my entire system of things. Claiming is not at all a difficult process as we think it really would be.


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